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by tonalq
May 11, 2010
11:14 PM

Being evaluated

Hi Sergey,

Further to my email, please find a patch that makes the following changes to Scriptster:

* Compiled script launched with working folder set to folder that script was loaded from.
* Uses V4 compiler if available. This required a number of small changes to different parts of the code.
* If config file is present, can load references and CSC flags from the file.
* Maps filenames in error messages back to the original script's filename. (It seemed to have code for this already, but only mapped back the filename, not the whole path)
* Prevents duplication of references (in order to better support references in the config file.

I have marked up all amendments in program.cs so that they can be easily found. The project file has changed to accommodate the app.config file and its related designer and code files. Please note that the SCC bindings have been lost.

Thank-you for making Scriptster available and thank-you for your permission to re-use it.

Kind Regards,

Tony Patterson


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